Racing Apparel Policy

This article is particularly useful for all the coaches out there, who will be in charge of ordering the racing apparel for their teams. As you have already noticed, all students’ uniforms are logo and company free, without unnecessary adverts distracting the players and the audience from the game. Students are given a chance to honorably represent their teams. without featuring any big names that would potentially steal the show. School names, as well as area names, custom made logos and school mascots are allowed to be used on jerseys and shorts. If you also want to include the manufacturer’s name, make sure it is the apparels’ producer whose name you are using. If case you use a company logo or anything of that kind, you will become eligible for disqualification on grounds of promoting and advertising.

We recommend consulting one of the many apparel manufacturers who know how to deliver personalized jersey solutions. Outside organizations and sponsors are not allowed by any circumstances. All the players should be wearing the same color t-shirts, strictly following the guidelines of the Racing Apparel Policy. When it comes to bike shorts, you can always consult your local bike shop, and they will be able to help you choose what’s best for you.

It is also possible to race in your t-shirt, making sure it doesn’t have any company logo. Some teams have complained that not selling their logos to companies can’t get the money they need for the competitions. Raising funds for one season is not what you should be aiming at. Why not go the extra mile and opt for the high-quality race wear that will last longer than a mere season, cutting the costs in the long run? We don’t want to create space for your sponsors’ adverts, but rather give the attention to young talented players and emphasize on the importance of sports in general.

To sum up, you are allowed to have your team mascot and use your squad’s name on jerseys or shorts. N ICA logo and WI league logo are also acceptable when it comes to following the WI League’s Policy. Your players can also wear a small apparel manufacturer logo on their jerseys. Bear in mind that, just like the rest of the groups, your team will also have a designated Pit Zone area, where you will be allowed to display logos or banners. You can also use your website, social networks, or a newsletter to present your team to the best of your abilities. Also, it would be a good idea to sell or display your team’s t-shirts with a logo of your choice in your school or town.

By following all the rules and regulations, you are avoiding the potential misunderstandings that could lead to suspensions. The High School Cycling League will be happy to provide you with more pieces of information about customized team apparel. You will find all the relevant links on our website, and if you have any further questions, kindly contact our WI League Co-Director.

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